Congratulations to Our Latest Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award Winner

Lauretta Phillips!


Lauretta tells stories all over New Hampshire and the Northeast. She encourages and mentors others to do the same, whether the stories are traditional folk and fairy tales or their own tales of their families and growing up and living in New England.

She works tirelessly to promote storytelling in New Hampshire and the Northeast. She starts story circles, produces events, creates venues, writes grants, gets local financial support, talks up a storm in publicity and welcomes all.

She is a founding member of the Central NH Storytelling Guild, founder of the NH Storytelling Alliance, co-founder of the Granite State Storytelling Swap, producer of Tea & Tales, a member of Southern NH Storytelling Guild, the New Hampshire Writers Project, Northeast Storytelling and the National Storytelling Network.

Lauretta Phillips has been telling stories professionally since 1987. She writes most of her own stories but her repertoire also includes folk tales, fairy tales, legends, urban tales, tall tales, small tales, cat tales, rat tales, and just plain tales. She has told stories at churches, schools, inns, retirement centers, women’s organizations, seniors groups, and for radio and television.

Her website is www.lphillipstales.com/

To Learn More About Lauretta, Click Here

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