History of Sharing the Fire Conference

History of Sharing the Fire

Sharing The Fire was created when the Outreach Division of Lesley College Graduate School, Cambridge, MA, hired Lee-Ellen Marvin to “do something with storytellers.” They were the original sponsor of the 1st through the 8th annual Sharing the Fire. The first Sharing the Fire was called a ‘Congress’ and was partially held outdoors in May of 1982. By the second year, many features that are now regular events at the annual conference were in place: story swaps in the evenings, workshops covering many topics, an opportunity for networking and a welcoming environment for story tellers and listeners alike.

This Conference continues to provide an inviting and supporting atmosphere where both seasoned veterans and beginning storytellers and their audiences may share the warmth provided by a great tale being told. Whether the story is told at a swap, featured performance or over a cup of coffee in some obscure corner, this is not your average Storytelling Conference.