Jim Brule

Jim Brule

Fayetteville, New York
(312) 884-1818 • (315) 637-4838 • jim@jimbrule.com • http://jimbrule.com  •  http://maggidut.com

I like to call myself a transformational storyteller: I tell stories to help open hearts and awaken spirits across a wide range of individuals and groups. I am ready to travel to your location and bring you a sweet experience!

I am most deeply grounded in the Jewish tradition, and am a maggid – a spiritual storyteller – in that community. I also work very actively with a variety of faith traditions, most frequently Christians and Muslims. I lead a two-year program on multi-faith spiritual storytelling (maggidut.com), and have led storytelling programs and jamborees for small organizations, communities, and even a national storytelling conference for maggids.

I also bring my storytelling and spiritual guidance to groups, such as synagogues, churches, study groups, and community organizations. I’ve led workshops on the mechanics of storytelling, and interfaith dialogues with churches and mosques, some of which have extended over several years.

You can sample my storytelling from my website www.jimbrule.com and here http://bit.ly/guru-nepal

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