Cullen, Lynne

ME Storyteller – Lynne Cullen

Falmouth, Maine
(207) 805-1062 •

Lynne began her training as a storyteller while living in England. She loves the old stories – folktales and myths – first and foremost. Her original stories are strongly flavored with themes and characters from folklore, but Warner Brothers cartoons and old movies are also a major influence on her style. Lynne is a playwright and visual artist as well. She is host of a monthly storytelling evening – Seanachie Nights – dedicated to stories and music from the British Isles and the Celtic tradition, but often performs folktales from other cultures as well. Lynne has studied the art of storytelling in England with master storyteller Ben Haggerty.
Lynne plays Irish-style concertina, and was taught by the great Irish box player, Noel Hill.

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