Davis, Andy

davis-andy-very-smAlbany, New Hampshire
(603) 447-2113 • andy@andydavisstoryteller.com

Andy Davis tells stories with warmth, humor and verve. He draws his material from life in New Hampshire, and from the folklore and human struggles of the wider world. He can tell a shaggy dog with the best of them, and follow it up with a personal tale laden with meaning.

Andy has entertained audiences as far afield as Paris, Bamako, and San Diego. He lives with his wife and teenaged daughter at the foot of Mt. Chocorua, in the southeastern corner of the White Mountains, where he co-directs the World Fellowship Center, a peace and justice oriented camp and retreat center. His most treasured possessions are his bicycle and his tenor ukulele.

What other people say about Andy:
“Andy is the best darned tall-tale teller in New England!”
–Bob Reiser, storyteller and author, Easthampton, Massachusetts

“Andy Davis is a storyteller of remarkable guile and wit. Andy has a straight-faced, straight-forward, seemingly innocent way of delivering the most outlandish tales I’ve ever heard…and making us groan with recognition and laugh at ourselves. That’s what the teller of a good story does. Andy is one of the best.”
–Joanne Piazzi, storyteller and host of the ‘Storytelling in the Pantry’ series, Rochester, New Hampshire

“Andy’s stories are unique, witty, and totally captivating. His material is personal and, thank goodness, never self-conscious. He combines a warm, easy manner with a commanding, straight-forward delivery…A storyteller with brains and heart.”
– Michael Parent, Portland, Maine (1999 honoree, National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence

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