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People get INTO the stories I tell. A ninety-one-year-old observed, “As I listen to you, I imagine a lot of things and I can put myself into the situations and how would I react? Would I react the same way as the people in the story?” A fifth-grader confided, “It always feels like no one is around me and I am an actual character in the story”.

Where? I share stories with listeners in senior centers and independent living residences. I work with students from preschool to college. When working in schools, I design programs that tie in with on-going classroom studies.

What do I tell? I present programs of myths, legends, and folktales from world cultures. I often weave stories around a particular theme. Audiences of all ages discover the richness of each individual culture while also appreciating the universality of human experience.

My background? I have been working as a storyteller since 1978; I am also an experienced classroom teacher with degrees from Yale and Bank Street.

People remember the stories I’ve told. I ran into some New Haven teenagers. They stared at me and then:”You’re that storyteller! You came to our second grade class and told us that story about a magic tree.” These kids had heard me years ago but they remembered me AND the story I’d told them; their smiles showed that the memories were good ones. It is encounters like this that remind me how much I love being a storyteller.

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