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massmouthmassmouth, inc.

massmouth works to renew the timeless art of storytelling in Massachusetts through social media, live performance, and education. From live personal narrative to fairy tales, storytelling is for all ages.

Themes are changed each month and vary by location. Tellers have 5 minutes to tell their best true story based on the theme. We are building an audience while engaging a new generation of tellers using digital capture of story, live performance in non-traditional venues from apple orchards to urban street corners to pubs and clubs; from high schools to story slams. massmouth engages in dialogue with our audience and our colleagues in real time and through web 2.0 in order to extend and perfect our art.

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Boston, MA

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ConnStoryCenterCT Storytelling Center Inter-Collegiate Story Slams

Each participating campus holds a story slam on a theme at their campus. Sponsors at the campus level might be the drama, English, storytelling or other class or organizations. The top two finalist move on to semi finals or finals (dependent on number of colleges participating). Finals are held at the CT Storytelling Festival the last weekend of April.

Held during the Spring Semester at locations and times determined by the participants

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Carolyn Stearns, Coordinator, 860-690-4292



extempo is a monthly live storytelling event for adults at which anyone—who both signs up & rehearses in advance—may get up on stage and tell an original true story from his or her own life. There is never any ‘theme.’ Stories must be told without notes, be in first-person voice, and must last anywhere from five minutes to seven & a half minutes long (5:00-7:30): no more, no less! These criteria form the basis of scores awarded by a jury of audience members. MP3’s of the winning stories are posted on the internet monthly, and top-ranked storytellers go on to compete in a larger annual tournament of champions.

The home base is Central Vermont, with most events located in & around the Barre-Montpelier area. Venues also vary: from coffeehouses & bars…to town halls & barns! Visit extempo’s website to find the date, time, & location of the next event.

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