Ferreira, Steve

CT Storyteller – Steve Ferreira

Rainbow Visions
Windsor, Connecticut
(860) 328-5658 • taprootsrf@gmail.com

For over 25 years, Steve has captivated audiences with spellbinding tales from the Rainbow Tribes of the world. He brings his love of multicultural stories and their inherent wisdom to retreats and gatherings such as the semi-annual Comega Mens gathering in Connecticut, the annual Gathering of Circles in New Mexico, and the South Mountain Storytelling Center in Arizona. He performs stories such as ‘The Orphan Boy and The Elk Dog’, ‘Icanchu’s Drum’, ‘The Half-Boy’ and many others. Steve also shares his stories at schools, theaters, conferences, festivals, and house concerts throughout New England.

Steve draws on his ‘Rainbow Visions’ and brings us together through the bonds of story. He brings his life experiences as minister, actor and artist into weaving the threads of diverse cultures into a rich tapestry.

“Steve brings his stories to life by subtly becoming the characters and coaxing the audience to identify with them through a range of emotions that rivals that of professionally skilled actors. He then stirs this story stew with the wisdom and understanding he has gained throughout the years. His stories stick with you and become an ever present comfort to those with humble hearts.” –Linda Goodman, nationally known storyteller and author of Daughters of the Appalachians.

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