All fringes are included with the price of the full conference registration.  The Saturday fringe is in included in the Saturday-Only conference registration.  Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $10.

Friday Night Fringe Performance

The King and the Corpse – A Journey of Adventure, Horror, and Enlightenment

Told by Lynne Cullen with music by Kurt Kish

“How did I get here?” King Vikram asks himself, in this mystical, darkly humorous, 1,000-year-old tale from Northern India. The king trudges through a graveyard with a lively corpse on his back. The corpse presents several paradoxical stories that the King must answer, or his head will explode! Told by Lynne Cullen with a Bollywood-inspired electric guitar score arranged and played by Kurt Kish. 

Audience: Adult with adult situations, demons, violence

Saturday Fringe Performance

Memories in Motion: Shifting Lenses of Daughters and Fathers

Performed by Cindy Rivka Marshall and Lani Peterson

Two tellers portray through myriad lenses the residue of disconnect, love and longing that continues to fuel their life stories long after each of their fathers is gone.

Audience: Adult

Sunday Fringe Performance

An Evening with Grandpa Abe and Uncle Ahmet

Performed by Bob Reiser

Can stories mend a broken world? In long-ago Baghdad, the 2 greatest storytellers of the land duel to become the Royal tale-spinner. One is Muslim; one is Jewish. As their tales ricochet back and forth their city suddenly faces its greatest danger, and only they can save it.

Audience : Family              Fine for children 8 and over…