Gillman, Jackson

Jackson Gillman, “Stand-up Chameleon”
Onset, Massachusetts
508-295-0886 •

Jackson has been a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival four times, and at regional festivals throughout the country. Also Teller-in-Residence at the International Storytelling Center three times. His website has descriptions, with testimonial references, for over three dozen different shows for families and for adults. Many are nature-oriented and include much song, movement and sign language. While the themes vary, they are all highly visual, energetic and interactive.

Jackson had his Off-Broadway debut with The Magic of Rudyard Kipling: “Just So” as part of the 2014 United Solo Theatre Festival. Of the 130 shows from all over the world, it received the Best Educational Show Award.

His 11th annual Springboards for Stories workshop will be held at Kipling’s historic Brattleboro VT home on Feb 3-6, 2017. It is designed to help individuals develop their own personal stories and is open to all, regardless of experience. On either side of the workshop weekend, there will be a separate retreat for veteran performers of all kinds. has details and testimonials. Private coaching is also available.



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