Herman, Gail

MA - HermanEasthampton, Massachusetts
413-203-5247 • gail@gailherman.net • www.gailherman.net

Gail has been teaching and performing for over 35 years! She says she started telling in her sleep when she was 14!! By now she has taught Storytelling and Dramatic Arts for 8 colleges and universities and performed on 4 continents (in Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Ghana, India, St Thomas, Jamaica, and Oman). A former public school teacher of 1st & 2nd grades in NJ and NH, Gail also taught classes In CT using stories in K through eighth grades and as a teaching artist in MD for exceptional students (gifted and those with learning differences).

Mentor, dancer, and storyteller Mara Capy taught Gail a West African style of validating and allowing audience members into the creative process. Adapting Capy’s therapeutic process to fit educational contexts, Gail created her “ORGANIC STORYTELLING” method of joint authorship in performances, which made children co-authors of folktales while respecting the original plots of the tales.
Gail often adds to her workshops and performances musical sound effects which she creates with audience assistance using her collection of world percussion folk instruments. She believes students can not only read between the lines but can also ‘hear’ between the lines. Middle school teachers have found this process helpful in revising and rewriting.

Gail is co-editor of a memoir, TALES OF MISCHIEVOUS MARTHA: NYC WANDERINGS, FOSTER CARE AND ORPHANAGE LIFE. She is a contributing author to STORYTELLING CLASSROOM and NSN’s books TELLING STORIES TO CHILDREN and TALES AS TOOLS. She has authored stories in other books, journals and magazines.

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