Iberall, Thea

Thea IberallMillis, Massachusetts
(562) 243-0191 • theaiberall@yahoo.com
http://www.theaiberall.com • http://www.wediditforyou.org

Thea Iberall has been called a “bridge between heart and mind.” The host of the Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse in Medfield, MA, Thea has been doing performance poetry and storytelling since 1998. Her one-woman show, “The Only Thing Greek About Me is My Name,” has been performed at the Santa Monica Playhouse and other theatres. A member of the Los Angeles Slam team when they made it to the final four at the National Poetry Slams, Thea performs her original stories about her 102-year old mother, her theoretical physicist father, love, life, and the laws of motion. A student of history, she combs through ancient tomes for ways to relate the past to the present. Books include: The Sanctuary Of Artemis (Tebot Bach, 2011) is a collection of contextual poems about patriarchal history, The Swallow and the Nightingale (Strong Voices, 2014) a novel about a 4,000-year-old secret brought through time by the birds, and From Whence Come s Love (RI Publishing, 2013) a memoir of a woman who lived through two wars. Thea has a PhD in Computational Neuroscience (UMass) and a master’s degree in writing (USC). She is the playwright of “We Did It For You! Women’s Journey Through History”, a 45-minute musical of how women got their rights in America. She gives play-reading workshops nationwide, as well as teaches deep voice writing in the Metrowest area of Boston.

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