Maichack, Mary Jo

Holyoke, Massachusetts
(413) 532-3667 • (413) 563-3650 •



Mary Jo Maichack, Minstrel Storyteller (Maichack Arts)

Since 1989 I’ve offered interactive shows, workshops and residencies for all ages, mixing world folktales with lots of varied audience participation–full-time. They dance, sing, help tell/echo/chant, act in costume and play with story with the accent on fun and laughter while learning and loving language. Your best bet is to visit my Website to get the picture. Many themed programs for library programs, museums, school residencies, even a traveling cabaret show with keyboard player for adults. You can watch and listen online. My CDs have won national awards (NAPPA Gold and Honors, one for an original historical fiction CD.) Deep training as singer and teller, now also teaching artist. Ask about funding sources. Free professional posters, press releases. Excellent marketing helps save you time and gain audiences. Former children’s librarian and B.A., English lit., Middlebury College, way back before I lost count of some 3,000 programs. Mothe r Goose in costume for preschoolers, with puppet fun. Have performed on everything from hay bales to gorgeous professional stages, from San Francisco’s Chinatown to schoolrooms of English language learners in Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy; with a storyteller outside Paris, France; in regional festivals and widely in New England. (I love to learn and weave in foreign language play.)
My husband is my business partner in Maichack Arts.

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