Marchisio, Linda

South WindMarchisio very smallsor, Connecticut
(860) 289-8711 •

Linda is an animated performer who frequently uses song, dance, and audience participation. Her stories travel to far-off countries, into your playful imagination, and touch the spirit.

Performances available for adults and children include a selection of stories that remind us that liars usually get fooled, music and dance can make your heart sing, and that true life can make you laugh and cry. She has performed fanciful folktales, original stories, and family memories in a variety of venues from schools, to parks, to libraries, to festivals.

Linda has extensive experience teaching high school students to how to tell stories. Story workshops are available for adults and children as young as second grade. Her Snippet Story workshop encourages participants to tell personal and family stories based on a photograph or family artifact. Custom designed workshops available.

Linda is an experienced storyteller, author, and teacher-librarian. Her jive story about the creation of the U.S. Constitution, “The Constitution Jive”, and her delightful rainbow story, “The Garden Rainbow” are published in Holiday Stories All Year Round. She won the Connecticut Humanities Council 2003 Wilbur Cross Award for her role as a champion of reading as book discussion leader. Linda completed her Master’s research on Movement Assisted Storytelling as a Vehicle to Motivate Reading.

“Linda’s storytelling brings my imagination to life and takes me back to days of my childhood when stories were magical. I love listening to her!” –B. Johnson

“Everyone truly enjoyed your remarkable performance” – Chamber of Commerce.

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