Marshall, Cindy Rivka

Cindy Rivka Marshall at STF 2017Needham, Massachusetts
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Cindy Rivka Marshall is an award-winning, versatile storyteller, educator and facilitator who aims to “reach, teach and change with stories.” She tells multicultural stories and Jewish folktales for all ages and occasions at schools, libraries, synagogues, and festivals. Her consultation and training in the use of story modalities addresses the needs of congregations, schools, organizations and individuals. Cindy facilitates groups to share stories and coaches individuals to craft stories, with the goals of enhancing learning experiences and building community.

Her audio recordings have won awards from Parent’s Choice, Storytelling World and National Parenting Publications. Cindy runs The Dancing Tree Story Workshop in Needham, Massachusetts where she offers workshops in storytelling skills to educators, parents and grandparents, and coaches storytellers.

Cindy writes about her experiences as an educator with Story-Based Learning on her Story Arc Blog

“Cindy Rivka Marshall must be reckoned as one of the finest storytellers around.” – Howard Schwartz, Author, Folklorist

“Her telling comes through with such goodness and sincerity — and power.” – Peninnah Schram, Storyteller and Author

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