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Sue McPhee, Actress, Storyteller, Comedic Entertainer and Artist of the Spoken Word, has been performing for nearly 40 years. She has directed and coached as well as performed in stage and theater productions, improvisation, television, radio, film and video, from Providence, RI, to NYC, all the way to NH, where she currently offers programs that appeal mostly to the grown-up audience. Her repertoire includes original and compelling stories that touch the heart, the mind, the spirit. Some will make you laugh; some will leave you speechless; all will leave you wanting more.

Former college professor and published author, Sue’s performances currently focus on self-written stories that reflect the glory of human nature. She is currently touring with her highly acclaimed full-length one-hour performance piece, A Tale of Two Rivers, a compelling true story based on her unique experiences while working with infants and children in New York City and in Romania. The story is lighthearted, honest and forthright. It is unexpectedly riddled with humor and compassion, while touching and thought-provoking. You will be introduced to several interesting characters for sure! A Tale of Two Rivers can also be used by your group as a fundraiser.

Call to discuss your needs. All fees negotiable, based on type of venue, length of performance (or workshop), geographical area, etc.

You can find out more about Sue and how she can be hired for a variety of time frames and venues at

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