Munro, Jennifer

Munro - JenniferMadison, Connecticut
(203) 421-0625 • (203) 376-7220 •

A dynamic storyteller, Jennifer’s original stories are populated with memorable characters that spring vividly to life. Delivered with a masterful sense of timing, her carefully crafted tales take the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotions that elicits both laughter and tears. “A good storyteller,” wrote Syd Lieberman of her work, “should move you emotionally and be able to transport you to another time and place. Jennifer’s stories do just that.”
Jennifer has performed at festivals across the nation, most notably as a feature teller at the National Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee, at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Utah, at the University of San Diego Adult Storytelling Concert series, at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival, and at the Cape Girardeau Storytelling Festival in Missouri. She has produced two awarding winning CDs. The online magazine Storytelling World selected the story “Aunty Lily” from Relatives and their Body Parts as a winner in the category of Stories for Adult Listeners. Her CD Beginnings, a collection of hilarious and touching stories about giving birth, was also a winner in the same category. A collection of her short stories entitled Aunty Lily and Other Delightfully Perverse Stories was published by Parkhurst Brothers in 2016. She also teaches a graduate course, Storytelling in Education, at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.

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