Parkhurst, Ted

parkhurstParkhurst Brothers Publishers
Marion, Michigan
(231) 215-0488 •

Founder of August House who sold it and then founded Parkhurst Brothers Publishers which has won Anne Izard Storyteller’s Choice awards, Storytelling World awards, ForeWord Review Awards, and others by publishing Karen Chace, Lorna Czarnota, Elizabeth Ellis, Bobby Norfolk, Jim May, Kevin Cordi, Loren Niemi, Jane Stenson, Sherry Norfolk, Lyn Ford, Gerald Fierst, and is publishing more storytellers every year. We publish a few novels, a few extraordinary psychology books, and approximately 10 storytelling titles per year. We sell books at storytelling events around the country every year, Parkhurst Brothers is the lead sponsor of the National Storytelling Network’s Regional Spotlight Events annually and we sponsor the National Storytelling Conference. If you want to promote storyteller-authors, please give Parkhurst Brothers books to your friends, associates, and local libraries. When you do so, you support the movement you love, storyteller-authors you admire, and those Parkhurst Brothers will publish next year. Thank you.

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