Saraco, Linda

MA Storyteller – Linda Saraco

Groton, MA
(978) 877-6143 • (978) 877-6143 •

The Secret of the Greater Mountain: The loss of a cherished pet is often a child’s first difficult experience with death, and their grief and bewilderment compounds the heartache of the parents. Books have been published that give parents “how-to” advice about explaining their pet’s death, but this story offers a different, imagination-inspiring and uplifting approach. In The Secret of the Greater Mountain a secret is unveiled for children about where their pet came from, and where their pet must return back to on their “come-back” day.

The Secret of the Greater Mountain starts by taking children into the secret world where the lifetime adventure of each pet dog with their special child begins, as they prepare to become pets. The children discover that their pet dog has traveled a long way just to be with them. They meet Bo Bear Moon Dance, Chief of Rescue Dogs, who mentors and matches each dog to the right girl, boy. A positive and comforting rationale emerges for any pet’s life, and passing. At events children receive the book & coloring pages. All Children are invited to send a pet’s name for inclusion on the Greater Mountain website.

Agnes Roses One Song: story about a kinship with all kind (at events children receive a copy of the book & coloring pages).

The Magical World of Zasscelou: Children discover how soap is made (at events children receive a bar of natural handcrafted soap).

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