Saturday Slam

Sharing the Fire Story Slam

“Crossing the Line”

March 25

9:15 – 11:00 PM

Join the fun.  Saturday night, we will host a storytelling slam. Participants will compete for prizes. In addition to the lively stories, audience members will enjoy the cash bar.


What is a story slam? 
A story slam is a competition based on the art of storytelling. It encourages storytellers to focus on their personal narrative and the craft of publicly performing. Every story is required to be true and fit into a 5 minute time frame. It is short, snappy and lots of fun!


What is a theme ?
Story slams have themes. This year’s theme will be “Crossing the Line”.

Have you crossed over the state line and wondered what was different? Have you ever seen someone cross over the line and you watched in disbelief?  Can you still hear your mother saying ‘don’t go over the line’ and you did it anyway? What happened?

Craft  a 5 minute true story from your life and put your name in the hat.


How it works:
On the night of the slam anyone who wishes to participate can drop their name in a hat for a chance to compete against eight to nine others.  There is a panel of 3 to 5 judges evaluating how well each story is told, how well it is constructed, how well the story explores the theme and lastly how well it honors the 5 minute time limit. Keep in mind it is all in good fun!


Don’t want to tell?
No worries, you can sit back and watch the events unravel.  Listeners have an opportunity to participate in storytelling games and vote on an audience choice ballot.