Stories Galore

Stories Galore

Brand new! This year we have a conference strand created with story listeners in mind.  Included in the $150 ticket for the full weekend is admission to all of the Stories Galore performances, Friday night concert, Saturday keynote address, Saturday banquet, Saturday evening olio and swaps, Sunday breakfast, Sunday panel and Sunday lunch. The $100 ticket includes the Stories Galore performances, other non-workshop Saturday events, and the Saturday banquet.

Saturday Performances

Session A – 10:30 – noon

FRINGE: Memories in Motion: Shifting Lenses of Daughters and Fathers

Performed by Cindy Rivka Marshall and Lani Peterson

Two tellers portray through myriad lenses the residue of disconnect, love and longing that continues to fuel their life stories long after each of their fathers is gone.

Audience: Adult

Cindy Rivka Marshall at STF 2017

Cindy Rivka Marshall aims to “reach, teach and change with stories.” She consults, coaches and trains in the use of story modalities, addressing the needs of congregations, schools, organizations and individuals. An award-winning storyteller, Cindy has been an invited presenter across the US and in the UK.

Lani Peterson is a psychologist, storyteller and coach who specializes in story as a healing art and powerful medium for personal growth, connection and change. Through her work as director of City Mission’s Public Voice, Lani has twenty years’ experience coaching people to transform their understanding of themselves and others through sharing stories.

Session B – 1:30-3:00pm

Theatre on the Borderlands

Theatre is physical storytelling. It is a particularly useful tool when words fall short– in situations of extreme emotion, contradiction, and chaos. It is on these borderlands, where language is most conflicting, that I set the stage. From Israel-Palestine to India-Pakistan, I will share stories and interactive theatre games that explore the interactions between storytelling and violence.

Presenter: Devika Ranjan

Devika Ranjan is a senior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service studying Culture and Politics. She is a Marshall Scholar and is interested in the intersection between refugee advocacy and theatre performance.

Tales from Children at the Well

Khalafalla Osman and Marni Gillard will offer story-glimpes of our 10 years as a community of interfaith youth storytellers.

Presenters: Khalafalla Osman and Marni Gillard

Emcee: Director Paula Weiss

Khalafalla Osman is a native Albany, New York Muslim who loves to express himself through storytelling, public speaking, poetry and hip hop. He serves his local community in various ways: interfaith outreach, youth empowerment, and community organizing.  He has been involved in the Children At The Well (CATW) Storytelling group for ten years now, and loves to share the American Muslim narrative through story.

Marni Gillard, one of the founding coaches for Children at the Well  (, has watched storytelling dissolve cultural barriers and encourage interfaith understandings since 2006. Her book Storyteller, Storyteacher (Stenhouse, 1996) describes how storytelling brought confidence and community to her middle school classroom. Her life tales on Without a Splash, a double CD, show the trials and triumphs of a Catholic girlhood. Find her at

Session C: 3:30-5:00pm

Life, Living and Passages: the Place of Story in Wampanoag/Native Culture

Stories, storytelling and their place and purpose in Wampanoag culture will be presented: who tells stories, when they are told and the protocol surrounding them.  The relevance and timelessness of traditional stories in today’s world will also be discussed with examples of both traditional and modern stories.

Presenter: Linda Coombs

Linda is the director of the Aquinnah Cultural Center in Aquinnah, MA.

Sunday Performance

Session D: 11:00am-12:30pm

FRINGE: An Evening with Grandpa Abe and Uncle Ahmet

Performed by Bob Reiser

Can stories mend a broken world? In long-ago Baghdad, the 2 greatest storytellers of the land duel to become the Royal tale-spinner. One is Muslim; one is Jewish. As their tales ricochet back and forth their city suddenly faces its greatest danger, and only they can save it.

Audience : Family              Fine for children 8 and over…

Bob Reiser

Bob is an expansive and joyous storyteller , teacher, and an award-winning author of books for children and adults. Accompanying himself with flute and drum, Bob brings warmth and wit to traditional and original stories.