2018 Call for Proposals


 SHARING THE FIRE 2018 — Northeast Storytelling Conference

Discovering Authenticity

March 23-25, 2018 @ Hotel 1620, Plymouth, Massachusetts


DEADLINE:                      Proposals must be received by Midnight (EDT), Friday, October 13, 2017

NOTIFICATIONS:              You will receive an email when your proposal has been received. If you do not receive

this email, please contact Deb Roe, nestorytelling@gmail.com

INVITATIONS:                   If your proposal is accepted you will be notified in November.

IMPORTANT NOTE:          All workshops must be participatory (lectures, panels, showcases, etc. will not be considered).

CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS – Saturday & Sunday, March 24 and 25

We are open to many topics, but are particularly seeking proposals in the following areas:

♦ Any aspect of the “Discovering Authenticity” theme ♦ Truly advanced aspects of storytelling craft ♦ Storytelling from individual cultures ♦ Storytelling and movement/dance ♦ Web site development; podcasting ♦ Marketing for storytellers ♦ How to offer online courses about storytelling ♦ Storytelling in challenging situations/for different populations ♦ Comedy and storytelling ♦ Copyright and storytelling etiquette ♦ Storytelling and other arts ♦ Coaching

Note: To propose to do coaching at STF, please fill out the coaching application, not the workshop application.

We are also seeking proposals for two coordinated introductory storytelling workshops taught by two different presenters, possibly one focused on telling folktales, the other on personal stories.

Presenter will receive a $175 honorarium. [Note: Compensation is limited to this amount regardless of the number of presenters of the session. Presenter(s) must register for the entire conference at the full rate. Scholarship assistance may be available for those with financial hardship.]


  1. Download the appropriate application
    1. Application to Present at STF 2018
    2. Application-to-Coach-at-STF-2018


  2. Save the application using the following naming convention:  presenterlastname-firstname.doc (example Roe-Deborah.doc).  If you are sending in more than one application, add a number to the end to distinguish each (example Roe-Deborah1.doc)

3. Complete the application

4. Email the application to nestorytelling@gmail.com by Midnight (EDT), Friday, October 13, 2017

Questions: email Deb Roe at nestorytelling@gmail.com