Story Swaps

STF 2017 Swaps

Still have energy to spare and feeling inspired after attending the day’s awesome workshops?  Why not join us for a swap? Stories, traditional and personal, are swapped in an informal setting. Tellers and listeners welcome!



Friday 9:15 -11 pm

Hitchhiking Tales Mild to Wild

Host:  Tony Toledo

One November day long ago I hitchhiked from North Adams, MA to Beverly, MA in four hours. It takes 3 just to drive it straight through. I’ll give you all the details at this story swap on Hitchhiking. What’s your hitchhiking story? I can’t wait to hear it.  PS Bring a pie. We’ll take a break midway through to enjoy some pie.

Pulling Together, Taking a Stand

Host: Andy Davis

Ever been part of something bigger than yourself? Ever witnessed or heard tell of people who stuck their necks out to make a difference? We need to hear these stories of courage, singular and plural.

Puppetry Swap

Hosts:  Gail Herman, Hope Lewis, and Vicky Dworkin

Love puppets?  Then we have the swap for you.  You and your favorite puppet share a tale in this awesome swap! Don’t have a puppet but still want to join in the fun.  That’s okay, we’ll have some to share.  Each teller has 5-6 minutes.

Mixed Nuts Story Swap

Host: Audrey Mason

Have a story that you’re dying to tell that doesn’t fit the criteria for other swaps?  Not sure what story you want to tell and hoping to be inspired by others?  Let’s get together and sample from the big bowl of mixed nuts that is story.

Saturday 9:15-11 pm

Drum Circle Story Swap

Host: Rivka Willick

Hear and tell traditional tales while we drum on traditional instruments in between the tales. Learn basic drumming in 10 minutes at beginning of swap. Drums provided.