Storytelling in Three-Part Harmony

By Rona Leventhal, Sharing the Fire 2016 Workshop Presenter

Leventhal“Storytelling is at the heart of the human experience”

So you want to learn to tell a story?!


But how?

In “working up a story” for telling, three pieces form a triad: the story, the listeners, and the storyteller. The story is the vehicle for the message; the Teller is the vehicle for the story; and the listeners take the meaning into the world in whatever way it impacts them.

The Story

Choose one that you LOVE! One that touches you. Or one that, when you finish reading it, you go “AAAHHH!”. Or one that leaves you rolling on the floor laughing. Or one that makes you think and ponder.

You must also consider your audience: children, teens or adults? In a school, camp, library, play time, middle school Diversity Day program, senior luncheon? This will not only help you decide which story to tell (age/subject/complexity appropriate) but how to tell it.

The Listeners

Now that you have your story, the first key to telling a great story is to figure out what the story is about to you ……..AND what you want the audience to take away from the experience. In other words, what themes, lessons or messages do you want to impart by telling the story……what element of the human experience do you want your story to highlight? Again, the age of your listeners and situation in which you will tell it will help you figure this out.

The Teller

That’s YOU! How will you bring you into your storytelling? Is your style to be physically big and dramatic or more contained (but no less alive)? Will you sit or stand? Are you a “front porch storyteller” or a “performance Storyteller”? How will you impart the story-message to your listeners? Over time, you will figure this out. Starting out though, simply let your authentic self be your guide!


Stories are gifts wrapped in words. They touch people by expressing the whole range of human experience and emotion, allowing us to see the world through a different lens. They’re effective, magical, and powerful tools for growth, transformation, knowledge, and wisdom. Weaving the thread of the tale through each listener, the storyteller binds an audience together. Listeners are invited in, and the gift is passed. Please join me for my workshop, at Sharing the Fire and leave with a gift of story to pass along to others!
Are you a beginning storyteller? Or someone who wants to work on a new story with a “beginner’s mind”? Rona’s workshop, Moving the Body, Freeing the Mind: The Art of Storytelling, will be presented Saturday, April 2. It is geared towards beginners, but is open to all. Come prepared for movement!

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