Sunday Panel

Sunday Panel

March 26 – 9:15-10:45AM

Throughout Sharing the Fire 2017 we explore our dynamic theme – Voices Across Borders: Creating Connections – in stories, in Sue O’Halloran’s keynote, and in workshops.  In the Sunday-morning panel we hear how some of our storytelling colleagues have acted on that theme in their daily lives and work in ways that may inspire us all.  And in the optional final workshop, “Moving Our Visions Forward,” we will have the chance to begin planning “border-crossing” activities in our own lives.



These are the Sunday panel speakers:

Sue O’Halloran – moderator

Sue O’Halloran has focused her life’s work on social justice, particularly in the areas of diversity, race relations, and community-building.  In this panel she will speak about some of the specific actions she has taken.



Khalafalla Osman

Khalafalla Osman is a native Albany, New York Muslim who loves to express himself through storytelling, public speaking, poetry and hip hop. He serves his local community in various ways: interfaith outreach, youth empowerment, and community organizing.  He has been involved in the Children At The Well (CATW) Storytelling group for ten years now, and loves to share the American Muslim narrative through story.


Valerie Tutson

Valerie Tutson at STFValerie Tutson designed her own major, “Storytelling as a Communications Art.” She travels the world using stories to connect with people across cultures, space and time. She tells stories from around the world with an emphasis on black traditions and uses history and workshops as a way to build bridges.  In her home community and through RIBS (Rhode Island Black Storytellers) she has initiated several programs to make heartfelt connections between people of diverse cultures.


Lana Warren

Lana Warren is the Senior Vice President of Clinical Programs and an occupational therapist by training at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a pediatric specialty rehabilitation hospital in Baltimore, MD.   She has created a storytelling initiative at her organization that trains staff at all levels to tell stories that capture the heart and soul of their organization; the effect throughout the Institute has been transformative.