Taylor, Rick

taylor“Abner Serd”
Quincy, MA
(617) 774-9878 • abnerserd@abnerserd.comwww.abnerserd.com

Abner Serd is the narrator of Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs – a weekly podcast of short humorous yarns. Abner inhabits a world populated with eccentric characters and uncommon beasties, where excuses for all occasions can be purchased in variety packs, and where five-legged catawampuses roam the hills. But is it a different world? Or is it our own world, seen in a different way?

The podcast feed URL is http://www.abnerserd.com/feed.xml. All of Abner’s tales are suitable for all ages. However, on alternate Wednesdays, Abner brings us a story or poem or funny song that’s more directly intended for children.

For the record, Abner Serd is the pseudonym and alter ego of Rick Taylor. But Abner doesn’t know that. Please don’t tell him.

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