Tobin, Nyanna

tobinWeston, MA
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I tell Stories that need to be told. I tell for a chuckle, for inviting us back into the circle. Telling stories for our ancestors and our future souls is my joy and my journey. Often I invite story by sitting in a circle of others. As we weave our hopes and intentions, with old string on green branch hoops ,gifted from the trees, we are invited into a mysterious private place. In the silence and open space between our strings and knots, Stories that want to be shared, emerge as precious gifts. Sometimes they show-up as silence, songs, story buds or even full bloom memories. As we share these living story -experiences and as we close the circle , each listener/teller parts with unique gifts; a newborn oral story/experience , a hoop of hope to gift to ourselves or others or maybe to gather more Stories.

In over 40 grateful years of practicing and sharing this Story Ritual, I have experienced Story Magic. Pruning trees reminds me to groom my story branches as I elder. The joy of giving Hoops or Story Gifts to strangers and family is contagious. The wonder of being open to the unknown is balanced by a certainty that the Stories will appear. I believe that live, face to face, Storytelling is not only multi-generational and entertaining, but also an infectious antidote to our current ills. What if Storytelling is essential for our future survival ? Is it one of yours? Please join us.

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