Toledo, Tony

toledoBeverly, Massachusetts
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Tony Toledo has been telling stories to pay his rent since 1990. Students in elementary schools across New England clap for more stories. Young library listeners sit eagerly to hear what he’ll tell next. Birthday children request special stories for their special day. Tony always gives the birthday child a lucky golden dollar. Everybody gets a riddle bookmark and a head full of stories.

Tony is a sought after EMCEE. When he is the host at your event you can be sure it’ll move right along- along with a story or three, and magic coin for each attendee. Tony hosts Speak Up Spoken Word Open Mic every Wednesday evening at the Walnut Street Coffee Cafe at 157 Walnut Street, Lynn, MA. Folks can sign up for 5 minutes on the Open Mic. There is a feature each Wednesday who gets a special autographed jar of Fluff- made right in Lynn.

Tony Toledo is 56 years old but reads at a 77 year old level. He purchased his massive one tenth of an acre estate with his storytelling. There is just room enough for his wife’s basil, his books and their Corn Museum. During the summer of 1979 Tony bicycled from Oregon to Virginia. He hit a cow, crossed the Rockies and got the best tan of his life. He tells about it in his story “Summer on Two Wheels”. Young listeners love “Crow Clap and Yell: Participatory Tales for K to 2nd Graders”. Call now, operators are standing by.

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